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Button Wins On Nightmare Day For Hamilton

Hamilton crashes out after collision with team mate

Posted Jun 14, 2011 by Chris White

Plenty to think about for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton was again at the forefront of the major incidents at a Formula One race this weekend, doing his best to take his opponents out of the race, before eventually taking himself out on what turned out to be a nightmare day for the Brit. This nightmare was made even worse when team mate Jenson Button – who Hamilton collided with, prompting his retirement from the race – went on to take the victory despite being in last place at one stage.

Button took the victory after working his way through the field and pushing right to the end, with Sebastian Vettel, who has seemed unflappable so far this season, spinning wide on the final lap, allowing Button to come by and take the victory in what he described as his best race ever.

This certainly wasn’t the case on the other side of the McLaren garage, however. Lewis Hamilton found himself involved in an incident with Red Bull’s Mark Webber, who moved over to allow Hamilton through, only for the Brit to catch the wet kerb and bump into the Australian, forcing him to spin. The race directors had a look at the incident and decided not to take action against Hamilton, although they could have been well within their rights to do so if it was viewed as a dangerous overtake considering the vile weather conditions.

Hamilton’s next incident wasn’t his fault at all, as he went to make a pass on Michael Schumacher, only for the German legend to hold a tighter line, forcing Hamilton to run wide and allowing Button to come through. Hamilton didn’t look too pleased with the move, but that was good hard racing, which die-hard neutral racing fans love to see. One driver trying to attack while the other tries to hold onto the racing line and his position. Something, it could be argued, that F1 has been lacking in recent years.

The final incident involving Hamilton proved to be the end of his race. After trying his hardest to end up in the wall or off the track, he eventually did so. Trying to make a move on Jenson Button, Hamilton saw a perfectly good gap – in his opinion – and went for it. In his words, Button “kept moving across”, and the two collided. Button seemed to come out of the incident unscathed, but it was the end of the race for Hamilton, who bumped Button on one side and the wall on the other, causing damage to his suspension.

These three incidents were all investigated by race direction and Hamilton avoided further punishment in all three occasions, but given his run-ins with the officials in other races this season, he is a very lucky boy. Lewis needs to take a look at himself and the way he’s driving. Even the great Nikki Lauder has said he’s going to get someone killed.

Lewis is a fantastic driver, nobody questions that, but he needs to think a lot more about some of the moves he makes on other drivers. Such as gaps that aren’t there, as shown with the crash with Button, and he needs to stop blaming other drivers for his own mistakes. He’s going to make a lot of enemies in the paddock if he keeps blaming others – as he did with Button – especially if the incidents are his fault.

Hamilton did his best to get himself out of the race on Sunday one way or another, and he was lucky it was only a light bump rather than a heavy collision or a black flag.

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