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Two DRS Zones At Montreal Grand Prix

Organisers add another potential overtaking zone

Posted May 24, 2011 by Chris White

The second overtaking zone will allow for increased overtaking opportunities

With this season’s Formula One Championship proving to be far more exciting than in previous years, the FIA have announced a new addition to future races, which will only help to increase the excitement.

From the Canadian round of the Championship, the governing body is looking at introducing a second DRS zone, allowing drivers to use the moveable rear wing on the back and main straights.

The thinking behind the decision is to increase overtaking opportunities, particularly at the tracks with two long straights relatively close together, as in Canada just after the hairpin at turn 10 and the subsequent back straight.

Formula One has been known as a sport that is dull, uneventful, and only worth watching when a car pulls into the pits. These new DRS innovations, and also the new KERS system, have tried to eradicate this, making overtaking more frequent than in previous years, where the car that lead into the first corner, or that pitted at the best moment, won the race.

The system was nearly implemented at the Turkish Grand Prix earlier this month, but it was deemed to be too new and not enough data had been brought back by that point to implement the two-zone system.

There is talk at the moment that the DRS may be banned in the tunnel at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix on safety grounds, particularly because of the testing right-hander inside the tunnel.

In all honesty, the more overtaking opportunities that are available, the better. The sport needs to be entertaining and two DRS zones will only help this. The 2011 season so far has been one of the best for many years, despite Sebastian Vettel being so far clear at the top of the Drivers’ Championship and the Red Bull’s looking dominant in the early races.

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