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F1 2010 - a tremendous piece of gaming

A brilliant close season fill for F1 fans

Posted Nov 28, 2010 by Jeff Dawson

The end of the Formula One season has brought a lot of spare time at the weekends for the avid followers of the sport – and now there is a way for you to fill your time in the close season.

For all the F1 fans that can’t live without the sport, go out and get yourself a copy of the F1 2010 for Xbox or Playstation 3.

It will fill those hours and make you feel like you’re part of the sport.The game, produced by Codemasters, is a tremendous honour to the sport. Many driving games on computers can be poor quality with unrealistic graphics, sounds and feel to them.

But F1 2010 is different.

It ticks all the boxes that you’d want it to and gives you a great way to enjoy the sport from your armchair when the real racing is out of season.So what can you expect from the game?

Well, it’s easy to get to grips with first and foremost. Even novice gamers can easily get to grips with the set up and the navigation around the ‘paddock’ or home section of the game.Here you can decide to do a season as any driver in the line-up from the 2010 season or to start a career as yourself with one of the lower teams.

If you decide on the career option, get ready to lose a few hours of your life to the game as the addiction will set in. You can start at teams like Force India and try and build your career into one of the bigger teams.

The tracks are tremendous and you really feel part of it and as if you are there. On easy mode, the only level I’ve got to grips with so far, you are shown the racing line and you are helped with braking with makes the game play a lot easier and more enjoyable.

I’ve fallen in love with this game and I would thoroughly recommend it to any gamers out there who are big F1 fans.

Maybe you could be the next World Champion?

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