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New rules for F1

Overtaking aided by new moveable rear wings

Posted Dec 10, 2010 by Jeff Dawson

Formula One

Despite the 2010 Formula One season being one of the most entertaining in the history of the sport, the F1 rule makers have decided to make two sets of radical changes that will come into effect in 2011 and 2013.
The FIA, the sport’s governing body, has confirmed that moveable rear wings to aid overtaking will be adopted in 2011 as will the return of the Kers power-boost system.
Then from 2013, cars will use new ‘green’ engines to improve sustainability. These will be four-cylinder 1.6 litre turbos with energy recovery systems and fuel restrictions, which aims to increase efficiency by up to 50%.
The agreement to switch from the current 2.4 litre V8s after months of negotiations is an attempt to mirror the trend towards fuel-efficiency in road cars.
The moveable wings are the most interesting development and they will be controlled by the drivers, giving them greater scope for overtaking. This has been one of the sports major pitfalls in recent seasons as the cars get more competitive and overtaking becomes more difficult. The drivers will be able to use the wings when they are within a second of a car in front which they are trying to get past. The gaps between the cars will be monitored electronically by the FIA and the wings will be switched on when the driver behind is within the required distance.
This is a fantastic innovation for the sport and will encourage participation from more fans. It’s the one area of the sport that frustrates the paying public and at times, like the opening race in Bahrain last season, it can look like a procession of cars driving around a track as overtaking was nigh on impossible.
I’m sure these changes will make for an even better 2011 season and it’s great to see a sport refuse to rest on it’s laurels and continually develop and progress. The fans are sure to respond favourably.

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