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Schumacher's Latest Piece of Modesty

Posted Aug 25, 2010 by Shaun Edwards

In the latest piece of publicity from Formula 1 - a move that seems custom built to promote modesty, reserve and the necessity of remembering that winning isn't always the important thing - they've provided us very lucky people with a round-table interview between two men who could give Jesus lessons in humility:

Ecclestone on Schumacher:

‘And indeed he not only developed into a magnificent driver, but also into a sort of team manager.’ -Promoting him already, eh Bernie?
‘I was sure that there is a winner in the making, even before his first podium in Spa in 1992’ – Well, I suppose he’s not wrong there.
‘He and Lewis Hamilton are still the most prominent drivers in Formula One. Even today.’ – Errr, what about the world champ?
‘Michael is a proper guy.’ – As opposed to what?
‘We had a tremendous media presence thanks to Michael. Thanks again for that.’ – And you can give me your number later, Schuey Pooey.
‘Michael is a hundred percent fit and talented’ – Not until he wins, he isn’t.
‘If Michael were driving a Red Bull, I would put my money on him…’ And probably a civil partnership ring, too.
‘Let’s be serious, why should he push to the limit for fourth places?’ – Because it’s a competition?
‘Today all drivers want to be like Michael Schumacher’ – Errr, No! They want to be at the front of the grid.
‘[Alonso] will not achieve at Ferrari what Michael did’ – Way to build OTHER drivers’ confidence, Bernie.

Schumacher on Schumacher:

‘I also believe that talent shows right away.’ – So does ego, Mike, so does ego.
‘To be honest that was in Monza after my second race’ – When asked when he knew he would succeed.
‘Let’s put it this way, I would have different options in a Red Bull.’ – on being asked if he would win in a Red Bull car: that’s a yes, then.
‘I always drive at the limit. I do that for myself.’- Is that why the rule breaking, too?
‘I see all the details.’ – when asked if he considers himself faster than Nico Rosberg.  That’s a yes again, then.
‘But I wasn’t only successful because I was the fittest guy on the grid.’ No? You astonish me.  Perhaps it was your radiant good looks, or your ability to recite Dante’s Divine Comedy in the original Italian whilst juggling four lit torches using only your knees.  *sigh*

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