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A Triumph Of Skill Over Speed

Hamilton's On The Road To The Record

Posted Sep 01, 2010 by Shaun Edwards

Hamilton, considering the merits of being the greatest ever.

I’ll admit this: I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship relationship with Lewis Hamilton.  ‘Now, wait a minute, Shaun’ I hear you mumbling uninterestedly, ‘surely that’s just because he’s younger, better-looking, fitter, incredibly talented, a lot richer than you and is dating one of the Pussycat Dolls?’  Well let me state first that those issues are irrelevant.  I hate the Pussycat Dolls.

However, it was an absolute joy to watch the young Brit put on the performance of his life in the Spar-Franchorchamps, perfectly adapting to the changing conditions after flying past Webber off the line, to take a three point lead in the driver’s championship.

Hamilton, to his credit, did his best to stay modest after such a brilliant performance, declaring that the championship was still open, but noting that he was planning to ensure that ‘was not the case after another few races.’

It is extra-ordinary to think that the man is still only 25, and with this race bringing him level on race victories with former champions Sir Jack Brabham and Graham Hill, it means that as long as he continues performing like this, he is more than capable of breaking Michael Schumacher’s record of 91 victories.  Yes, that seems a long way off, but bearing in mind Schumacher initially retired at 37, Hamilton can easily race for another twelve years – plenty of time to break the record.

One of the best things about this victory is the triumph of ability over the matter of simply having an insanely high-performing car.  Yes, the Mclaren machine is still good, but Hamilton won this race through graft and skill: a world of difference away from the two Red Bull drivers, who would slip rapidly down the grid in any race if they were in the same vehicle as Hamilton.  I’m sure some evil genius somewhere is imagining the prospect of Hamilton driving a Red Bull car... oh hell, I’m thinking about that too.

Lewis Hamilton was an absolute pleasure to watch on Sunday.  Let us hope that the form will continue, and the young man can carry on fulfilling his potential to take Schumacher’s crown as statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen.  If he does this, I’ll forgive him the massive house and the Pussycat Doll connection. 

Hell, he beats Schumacher’s record and I could forgive him attacking me with a chainsaw.

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