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Button is closing in on Vettel, apparently.

Jenson Button has told press he is the one to challenge Vettel

Posted Apr 14, 2011 by Shaun Edwards

Jenson Button

McLaren driver Jenson Button says that Formula 1 fans are looking for someone to challenge the dominance of current world champion Sebastian Vettel. Maybe we are, but who says Button is up to the challenge?

As the table stands, Button is a whole 24 points behind the young German who goes into this weekend’s GP in China having not lost a race since the 2010 season where he took pole position in 26% of the races and 100% of the races so far this season. Still Button feels he is capable of challenging Vettel’s dominance.

Fair play to Button, considering he won but two races last season and whilst he has enjoyed a fairly robust start to the 2011 campaign, he is racing for a team that is dogged by unreliable cars. Button told press that he feels like he and McLaren are gaining on Vettel and Red Bull but one can’t help but wonder when this gaining has happened because Vettel led from start to finish down under and then again in Kuala Lumpur at the Malaysian GP.

One can only assume that this gaining has been in Button’s head as no visible progress has been made to slow the Red Bull/Sebastian Vettel juggernaut that’s heading straight for victoryville again this year.

Vettel has qualified in pole position with blistering lap times in five of the last six Formula 1 races and early indications show that he is likely to do it again in China this weekend once again giving him the edge over Button in the starting line-up.

Button meanwhile hasn’t taken a world title since 2009 when he was driving with Brawn GP and unfortunately for a driver who has displayed such promise in years gone by and is still arguably one of the world’s finest drivers, he has failed to show any signs this year that inspire confidence in his ability to deliver on these kinds of tall statements of challenging Vettel’s dominance.

Could Button beat Vettel this year? Maybe. But in a McLaren? Probably not.

Button even did the maths for himself saying that Vettel is already a race win out in front so if Button were to challenge Vettel’s championship retention then he is going to have to beat him twice to push his way to the top spot and with that kind of statistic and with the young German showing no signs of stopping, it is little wonder that so few have taken Button’s war cries seriously.

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