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The latest Red Bull accusations are frankly embarrassing

Team boss Christian Horner was once again facing accusations of technical illegality today

Posted Apr 07, 2011 by Shaun Edwards

christian horner

Incredible to think that it’s already time for the Malaysia Grand Prix, it felt like just yesterday that the teams were saddling up for practice in Melbourne and this Sunday’s race looks set to be another corker if the off-track chatter is anything to go by.

Last season, Red Bull were faced with an abundance of rumours and accusations that their championship win was down to the illegality of their car. Fellow drivers and teams bleated on about the front wing and despite thorough investigation and subsequent clearing by the FIA the accusations continued.

Red Bull took the title because A) their cars are of a good standard and B) Sebastian Vettel is an excellent driver. End of; it’s frustrating to see poor sportsmanship in what I regard as the true sport of gentleman. The opening race of the 2011 season saw another win for Sebastian Vettel and team Red Bull and once again the same old accusations were wheeled out by ‘superior’ teams who’ve had their noses put out of joint and feel it is somehow their sacred right to be F1 champions.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner was once again forced into defensive mode today, dispelling myths that Red Bull's front wing flexes and runs lower to the ground under braking, affording the car greater stability and speed when cornering.

I suppose it is natural that when a driver is so far ahead of the pack in both practice sessions and Sunday’s race – Vettel lead from start to chequered flag – that onlookers engineer accusations to derail the Red Bull momentum.Never mind the fact that Vettel was the blatantly better driver in Australia.

When asked if the latest accusations were frustrating, Horner calmly replied “we take it as a compliment”. I couldn’t have worded that better myself, I personally find it quite amusing that grown men can’t take the loss on the chin and move on to the next race – they have to find the ‘reason’.

Horner explained the science behind the car and why on the face of it, the Red Bull car looks different to others “because the rake in the car is higher, the front wing will look lower to the ground – it’s simple mathematics”. He reiterated that the wing has "passed all FIA testing" – so you’ve heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. Quit your bleating please.

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