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Villeneuve: Denied!

Ex World Champ Turned Down and Other News

Posted Sep 08, 2010 by Shaun Edwards

Villeneuve: Denied

-It’s a shame that we won’t be seeing Jacques Villeneuve back in the sport next season.  His joint bid with Durango to re-enter the sport by taking the vacant 13th slot on the grid for the 2011 season was rejected along with several others, the FIA deciding that none of the teams reached the required standard.  It would have been nice to see just what the ex-world champion could have done: it also would have given us the potential to see Villeneuve defeat Michael Schumacher: even in 2011, that would be priceless.

-With the WMRC due to meet today regarding Ferrari’s punishment for utilising ‘team orders’ back at the Hockenheim Grand Prix, where Felipe Massa was ordered to slow down to allow Fernando Alonso through to take the race.  Former F1 boss Eddie Jordan has thrown his two cents into the mix, stating that Ferrari had ‘showed no respect to the public’, treated them ‘like muppets’ and that they should pay the price for breaking the rule.’  Whilst Mr Jordan can definitely be a wee bit opinionated, what he has said is perfectly true. 

Former World Champ Graham Hill has decided that throwing the book at Ferrari would be wrong, due to the law itself being ‘flawed’.  In the sense that everyone else throws out team orders in some capacity, he’s probably right, but that’s no real excuse to not punish the actions of a breath-takingly arrogant team.  Fernando Alonso just doesn’t deserve to win the title after that race, because he currently has points for winning that he did not earn.  Take away his points from that race, and he’ll be where he deserves to be.  As well as this, they should be kept well away from the constructor’s championship.  Fortunately, their team boss Stefano Domenicali has already observed that a poor result at the Italian Grand Prix this weekend will effectively halt the Italian team’s constructor hopes.

-Mclaren have admitted that they’ve made certain changes to the front section of the car, due to the stricter flexi tests at the Italian Grand Prix.  The front part of the floor (the bib) has been modded to ensure that the car is well within the limits that the FIA has set with regards to the new aspect load test.


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