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What rumours have been going on in the last few days?

Posted Sep 06, 2010 by Shaun Edwards

Ecclestone: Not Chuffed

-You can bet Bernie Ecclestone is fuming in private.  With his very calm, assured confession that the Hong Kong Grand Prix circuit will indeed go ahead in less than a month, you’d imagine the F1 guru was indeed the picture of contentment.  Not a chance: he’ll be furious.  Whether or not the race does indeed take place or not, the Hong Kong Circuit still has a massive multitude of problems, including run-off areas that are still not completed, an incomplete main entrance, insufficient parking and not even a full supply of water and electricity.  At the very least, the race will be interesting – at it’s worst, it’s going to be an absolute trainwreck.

-It’s a pleasure to see rumours abounding that Ferrari could potentially be very heavily punished for their actions in the German Grand Prix.  Having effectively mocked the whole point of a racing competition by ordering Felipe Massa to allow his team-mate Fernando Alonso through to win, they’re essentially saying that winning doesn’t matter.  Well, that might be the case in a school go-kart competition, but this is the biggest motor-racing sport in the world.  If the rumours of Ferrari being docked all the points they earned in Germany are true, I’ll jump for joy.  It’ll take Alonso out of the title race, and leave the championship to the men who want to win the title race the way it should be won: by being the better driver.  As well as this, give Ferrari a ban for the rest of the season: they just do not deserve to win a constructor’s title after their actions.

-Good luck to Robert Kubica, who’s stated that he plans to improve on his third place finish in Belgium two weeks ago, by placing within the top two in Italy this week.  I genuinely wish him well – it’s always nice to see an underdog steal a win, and with the Renault car, I’m afraid he’s still definitely an underdog.

-Amusing story of the week goes to the majority shareholder of Renault, Gerard Lopez, who this week made it known that running an F1 team was far more expensive than he had expected it to be.  You should go and buy Manchester City, Mr Lopez.

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