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Schumacher slams Pirelli tyres

Updated: May 11, 2012, 11:10

Michael Schumacher is refusing to let Pirelli off the hook after launching another attack on the tyre manufacturer by claiming their rubber is like driving “on raw eggs”.

The seven-times world champion bemoaned the quality of the tyres this season following the Bahrain Grand Prix 16 days ago.

After the race Schumacher said: “The main thing I feel unhappy about is everyone has to drive well below a driver’s, and in particular, the car’s limits to maintain the tyres.

“I just question whether they should play such a big importance, or whether they should last a bit longer, and that you can drive at normal racing car speed and not cruise around like we have a safety car.”

That prompted a disappointed reaction from Pirelli director of motorsport Paul Hembery who claimed other drivers were “getting on with the job and getting their tyres to work”.

Schumacher, though, clearly has a grievance as he told CNN ahead of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

Schumacher said: “They’re playing a much too big effect because they are so peaky and so special that they don’t put our cars or ourselves to the limit.

“We drive like on raw eggs and I don’t want to stress the tyres at all, otherwise you just overdo it and you go nowhere.”

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